[Daily BTC dividend] AMANPURI Exchange’s cryptocurrency AMAL token


I will explain about “AMANPURI Exchange“.

AMANPURIexchange and Amanpuri are hot on Twitter! There may be many people who saw.

AMANPURI exchange is aiming to become the strongest and amazing cryptocurrency exchange that combines Binance and BitMEX, which are famous overseas exchanges.

Amanpuri issues the exchange token “AMAL”. As of August, it can be purchased from the official website for $ 0.08.

* 5% bonus with purchase from the link below.

AMANPURI Exchange & AMAL Token

Perhaps what you are paying attention to is the exchange token AMAL, where dividends can be earned on the AMANPURI Exchange.

After the spot transaction starts, we will be able to receive dividends at the same time. I would like to give you some basic information about this AMAL token.

AMAL Token


Total number of issuances: 210 million (Distribution is 120 million)

Currently on sale for $ 0.08 per sheet. You can purchase at BTC or ETH.

Previously, it was sold for 0.12 dollars at the IEO of the exchange called Biki, and isn’t it reasonably priced in terms of the number of cards issued?

If you buy more than 10,000, you will get a daily dividend, so if you buy it, it is recommended to buy more than 10,000 (from $ 800) at once.

How to buy AMAL token

I will explain the purchase procedure of AMAL.

1.First, go to the registration screen from the upper right of the AMANPURI official website.

2.Enter your email address and password.
Note that passwords must be mixed with capital letters, numbers and symbols.

3.Deposit BTC or ETH or USDT from “Balances” of “Wallet”.

4.Click “Sales Point” and purchase as many AMALs as you want from the rightmost entry field.


I summarized AMANPURI Exchange and AMAL token information.

I really participate in global meetings, and the site design is very good.

Exchange token “AMAL” that can receive dividends is on sale now in August ($ 0.08). I don’t know when it will be sold out, so if you are thinking about investing, why not consider it?

In-kind transactions will begin in October and dividends will be received at the same time!

* Because it is a project before the start, there is a risk, please purchase at your own risk.